Talking about cancer is possible here - also in English!

for indivi­duals, couples and families

Counseling in English

Cancer affects the patients and their relatives physi­cally, mentally, socially – and changes their lives. Specific concerns and burdens may leave indivi­duals speechless and lead to stress, anxieties or sleep­lessness. Changes may put differing demands on each person involved and overwhelm relatives as much as the cancer patient. Due to our profes­sional compe­tences and our personal experience as a cancer patient or a relative of one, we are able to offer a special quality of counsel. Our aim is to support you in coping with the disease and its effects on life and well-being. You can ask for either psycho-oncolo­gical counseling, crisis inter­vention or thera­peutic sessions for indivi­duals, couples and families.


Individual after consul­tation – please find our contact infor­mation given here. We offer our services face-to-face, by video, phone or email.


Contact infor­mation and office hours are given here.
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Beratungs­stelle Dernburg­straße 59, 14057 Berlin, 1st floor, lift, not barrier-free

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